When writing fiction, visualising characters is the most important part to me. Characters are almost always the basis of my stories. I got into a habit of trying to recreate their appearance with Cast Cards, used a lot on fanfiction forums.

This blog is simply a celebration of art in images and a way to mentally 'see' people and places featured in my stories. Massive Disclaimer: most (if not all) of the images do not belong to me (I found a lot of them on Google) and I have only used them to create a different artistic view, so all due respect is given to the creator or artist of the images when possible.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Queen Of Diamonds

I loved making the banners to these. I loved it to itty bitty pretty pieces. It just seemed much more unique than my other ideas. I'm sure you'll recognise some of the celebrities.

The Story

I wrote this one for the lovely Adrienne Kanee`. Dash included. The basic story follows five long-time friends trying to hide/deal with/make the best of their poker (gambling) addiction with disastrous consequences.

However, due to my inability to to write a proper story from start to finish in any way shape or form I have no idea what those consequences would be. I could barely get past the start of the story, which was a shame, because the characters were screaming at me to make them into something.

Star xx