When writing fiction, visualising characters is the most important part to me. Characters are almost always the basis of my stories. I got into a habit of trying to recreate their appearance with Cast Cards, used a lot on fanfiction forums.

This blog is simply a celebration of art in images and a way to mentally 'see' people and places featured in my stories. Massive Disclaimer: most (if not all) of the images do not belong to me (I found a lot of them on Google) and I have only used them to create a different artistic view, so all due respect is given to the creator or artist of the images when possible.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Realm Of Fantasy

Still here?
Great. Welcome to 2014.

As I said before, all blogs will be updated today;

I think she looks damn cute with a 'fro.

I thought the way to start 2014 on this blog is by remembering my dream.

The Goal

I'm working really hard on my book, it'll be finished this year. As I write fantasy, I found these pictures inspiring. I needed to get myself in the right gear. I hope 2014 is an productive year for you too.

Star xx


  1. Very nice. A empezar este 2014 con toda la felicidad :)

  2. Great post! so beautiful! Lovely pics)))
    would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!

    1. Hello, sorry for the delay and thank you very much for commenting!!

      I just tried to visit your blog and I was blocked by Google chrome. Did you know about this? =/