When writing fiction, visualising characters is the most important part to me. Characters are almost always the basis of my stories. I got into a habit of trying to recreate their appearance with Cast Cards, used a lot on fanfiction forums.

This blog is simply a celebration of art in images and a way to mentally 'see' people and places featured in my stories. Massive Disclaimer: most (if not all) of the images do not belong to me (I found a lot of them on Google) and I have only used them to create a different artistic view, so all due respect is given to the creator or artist of the images when possible.

Monday, 20 October 2014


The Source

On my hunt looking for music I could write my Seven Empires story to, I came across the sountrack to Memoirs Of A Geisha. One user had posted a video with the most beautiful pictures, but no matter how hard I looked,  just couldn't seem to find them, so i print screen them instead to share with you today. Find the original video here:

Star xx